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    Domaines and wines 

    Phoenix Wine Club is proud to offer wines for Club Members in partnership with specially selected  domains.

    Each of these domains has a rich tradition, producing quality wines with care and passion. With expert advice, we have carefully selected fine wines from these domains. All great Burgundy red wines come from Pinot Noir grapes, while great Burgundy white wines come from Chardonnay grapes.

    AOC Wines

    All the wines and champagnes offered by Phoenix Wine Club are AOC.

    What does AOC mean?

    AOC stands for “Appellation d’Origine Controlée”, which means that the wine is certified officially as being produced with the grapes gathered in the vineyards located in specific sector. This certification is guaranteed by an office of the national Ministry of Agriculture, the INAO, which guarantees that all AOC products respect a rigorous set of clearly defined standards. AOC products are produced in a consistent and traditional manner with ingredients from specifically classified producers in designated geographical areas. The products must be aged in the designated area.
    Under French law, it is illegal to manufacture and sell a product under one of the AOC-controlled geographical indications if it does not comply with the criteria. AOC products are identified by a notice, which is printed on the wine-label. To prevent any possible misrepresentation, no part of an AOC name may be used on a label of a product not qualifying for that AOC.


    • Domaine PRIN

      Located in the heart of Burgundy's vineyard, between the famous town of Nuits-Saint-Georges and Beaune, the Domaine Plan is a family-run winery. The Lord's Louis Plan owns two Grand Crus (Colton Bresando and Colton Lenardo), along with the nephew Jean-Luc Boudlot, and a field of 5.8 hectares, including several appellation fields. The son Damien has already helped the winery, and Jean Luc ’s daughter Alexandra will join the winery as a brewer in the near future.

    • Domaine VAUDOISEY

      The VAUDOISEY family founded the domain in 1804, and Christophe VAUDOISEY is of the 8th generation, working with his son Pierre on 12 hectares of vines in the communes of Volnay, Pommard and Meursault. He cares for his vineyards using sustainable methods which respect the environment. He practices green harvesting so as to control quantity and quality. All his wines are matured in oak casks, one third of which are renewed each year – 16 to 18 months for the reds – one third of which are renewed each year.

    • Jacques SAUMAIZE

      This family domain is in the region of POUILLY-FUISSE south of the Côte d’Or,  with vineyards facing the famous Roche de Solutré. Jacques and Nathalie SAUMAIZE have developed their vineyards over the last 30 years, with their son Anthony, now extending over 11.50 hectares. The family is very attached to traditional wine-growing values, working meticulously with respect for the vines and the earth. Practicing green harvesting, they work the soil, use no pesticide, trim the vines and pick the grapes by hand. They produce Pouilly Fuissé,  Saint Veran and Macon villages wines, each from individual vineyards of Chardonnay grapes.

    • Gilbert et Philippe...

      This domain in the commune of Nantoux, just next to Pommard, founded by Gilbert GERMAIN some 50 years ago, is now cultivated by his grandson, Maxime CHAMPAUD. The soils are typically clay and limestone. The domain practices green harvesting, very close to ‘bio’ production, with hand labour twice a year before manual harvesting, and without chemical products. With 19 hectares of vines, this domain produces several prestigious wines labels, of which four – three whites and a red – are included in our range for Club members in Japan, while two whites are presented in our range for Europe.


      To the north of Burgundy’s wine capital, Beaune, is the famous Côte de Nuits leading to the city of Dijon. The Domaine CHEVILLON-CHEZEAUX has been established close to Beaune in Nuits-Saint-Georges since five generations. Claire and Phillippe Chezeaux cultivate 9 hectares and produce 14 different AOC wines. Respecting the authenticity of each vineyard plot, they have maintained the traditional methods supported by modern equipment and techniques.

    • Henri Latour
    • Domaine de Boischampt

      In the center of Julie village, a winery with passion and passion by Thibaud Bodan, who became the winery manager since 2018, in a brewery with a vaulted ceiling in the basement, built in the 16th century. Alcohol fermentation uses grape-derived yeast and natural yeast living in the brewery.

      The wine after fermentation is transferred to the underground cave using gravity applied without using a pump.Special attention is paid to the selection of barrels, which are aged for several months using oak barrels.

      Thibault began converting organic farming to 17 hectares of vineyards.

      The project will take the shortest time and in four years all wine will be made from organically grown grapes.

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