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The Prévoteau-Perrier family owns and manages a domain of 22 hectares in the centre of the Champagne region on the hillsides of the Valley of the Marne. The unique 'savoir-faire' of five generations is perpetuated, respecting family values and a philosophy which has assured the lasting success of this prestigious label. Lovers of nature and sensitive to protection of the environment, Delphine and Christophe Boudard-Prévoteau cultivate the three grape varieties of Champagne – the Pinot Meunier which is reputed for its fruitiness, the Pinot Noir, recognized for its strength and character, and the Chardonnay, symbol of elegance and finesse. Their wine-making is an art, combining the generosity of nature with human skill and talent… and this passion is to be found in the richness and diversity of their range of fine champagnes.